;; SWEET-IRELAND ;; was founded in 2016 in Dublin.
Expanding our business, we sell car parts for all makes and models of cars (engines, body parts, suspensions, dashboards, gearboxes, wheel sets).
We are able to process every order for every car.
All parts of our parts have a start guarantee, car parts and gearboxes, the warranty is monthly for engines and gearboxes, two months.
The locations of our warehouses with car parts are in Europe and (Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Poland) so each shipment is delivered to Ireland within 7 business days, with the development of our business we will open a warehouse in Ireland where the parts will be available with delivery to 48H.
We have a representative in Dublin so that in the event of a problem our representative is able to solve them.
We make sure that every customer is satisfied and comes back to us with pleasure.
We issue a VAT invoice.
We invite you to buy and guarantee reliability and guarantees for the parts purchased from us.

We wish all our customers a nice day..

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